Kinderworld meals

Healthy Eating

As part of Healthy Early Years (HEY) we like to encourage healthy eating and drinking. All meals provided by the nursery consist of a varied and balanced diet to encourage healthy eating and parents who provide their child's food are also supported in making healthy choices. Children learn to enjoy foods, and the reasons why some foods are healthy and some are not and we encourage them to make healthy food choices. We also teach children about food-related hygiene, for example, washing their hands before eating. Teaching children about healthy eating will also support their oral hygiene when making better choices with food and drinks.

In the Kitchen

All nursery meals are cooked and prepared daily by our cook who uses fresh ingredients and does not use salt, colouring, artificial flavourings or additives. The cook also utilises the tasty vegetables (for example, spinach, beans, courgettes and potatoes) which the children grow in the nursery garden. Kinderworld serves fantastic delicious meals which meet our strict health and hygiene policies and procedures.

Snacks and drinks

A variety of healthy snacks, such as fruit, carrot sticks and  crackers, are included in the daily fees. We also provide fresh milk and water throughout the day to ensure that the children are always well hydrated.

Meal times are 'social times'

Meals are served ‘family style' where the children are encouraged to socialise with their friends and carers. This helps encourage children to try new foods and make healthy food choices and encourage independence.

We celebrate and value diversity with exciting menu's which accommodate each individual child's requirements (allergies, intolerances, religion and culture), by catering for special diets through consultation between parents and the child's key person and the cook.

Younger babies are given milk and weaning foods provided by parents, at times which suit their individual needs.

Optional Nursery Meals

  • Nursery Breakfasts are optional and are served between 07.30 and 08.45 hrs consist of a choice of cereals or toast, milk and optional fruit
  • Nursery Hot Lunches are optional and are served between 11.30 and to 12.30 hrs
  • Nursery Teas are optional and served between 15.30 and 16.00 hrs (under 3yrs) 16.00 and 16.30 hrs (over 3 yrs)

Sample menus for nursery lunch and tea can be seen below, all meals are home cooked nutritious, and delicious and include fresh fruit and vegetables.

Alternatively parents may choose to send their child with a packed meal. The nursery can heat food for children under two years of age but is unable to heat food for children 2 years and over due to the volume of meals.

Sample lunch and tea menu

Day Lunch Tea
Monday Fish fillets in homemade tomato sauce carrots and swede, boiled potato Fruit, yogurt Sandwiches cheese / egg mayo. Carrot & cucumber sticks Fruit, raisins
Tuesday Campfire casserole with Dutch sausage (or vegetarian) & crusty bread Peaches & custard or raisins Sandwiches-Cheese / Ham Carrot & cucumber sticks Fruit, malt loaf
Wednesday Chilli Con Carne (Turkey mince) Rice homemade, kidney beans, Fruit, home made choc chip cake Rice cakes - Ham / paste/ cheese Carrot & cucumber sticks Fruit, yogurt
Thursday Chicken fillet chunks in gravy Broccoli pasta tubes Ice-cream fresh fruit salad Sandwiches - Cheese / Ham cucumber & pepper sticks Fruit, homemade choc chip cake
Friday Classic beef stew carrots & peas boiled potatoes & sweet potato Fruit, yogurt Sandwiches - Cheese / jam Carrot & pepper sticks Fruit, raisins, cheese biscuits
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