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At Kinderworld we put children at the centre of the daily activities and routines, understanding how the security of daily routines helps children feel safe and secure which enables them to grow, learn and develop with confidence.

We respect each child’s culture and help them learn about the importance of relationships, and how to respect themselves and others so that they develop a positive self-image. Children are also helped to develop a positive attitude to learning through play and opportunities for problem solving and critical thinking. We recognise each child as an individual, they are encouraged and supported though each stage of their learning journey and a record is kept of their personal development to ensure that their every need is met (see curriculum page).

Each child’s emotional well-being is addressed through appropriate everyday activities and key persons have strong partnerships with parents, sharing their child’s achievements and development. To support children’s independence and individual learning we encourage children to choose which activities they would like to participate in throughout the day, this not only enables them to have more choice but also allows them to spend longer at activities if they so wish in order to complete something or feel satisfied.

We acknowledge that it is essential that children requiring additional support are identified as soon as possible so that this can be provided, while other children who may be more able, need identifying so we can provide activities that offer appropriate challenges.

Daily routines, key person and early years long term plan

For a detailed look at daily routines, role of the key person and early years long term plan click the links below.

Daily routines
Role of the key person
Early years long term plan

Physical Activity

Daily physical activities are planned and provided to encourage children to be active by staff building on children’s interests to encourage participation. Children have regular opportunities for physical activity both indoors and outdoors with activities such as trikes, climbing and slides, parachute games, action songs, music and dancing. Children are taught how to move and climb safely whilst using large apparatus and are also provided with a range of small objects such as beads for threading in order to develop fine motor skills.

Children are encouraged to look after their bodies, for example, personal and oral hygiene, sun safety and resting after exercise, and staff meet regularly to promote and enhance outdoor play, activities and the natural environment and to ensure we are providing for each child’s needs outdoors. This supports our Healthy Early Years philosophy and Hygge approach, where we encourage more mindful thinking.

Open ended play and cosy corners

We regularly provide activities that promote the use of open ended resources, such as cardboard boxes, tubes and different materials, to encourage creativity and exploration. We also have areas for 'dens' and 'cosy corners' inside and outside, so that children can have access to quite and calm, in addition to more active activities. These 'communication friendly spaces' areas help to promote listening and conversations between children, with or without adult intervention.

Creative Activities

We encourage creativity through music, song, story telling, dance and drama as well as art and craft and messy activities. Children enjoy different activities such as painting, model making, play-dough, sand, water, imaginative role play, dressing up and musical instruments.

Activities included throughout the week at no extra charge:

  • PE
  • Music
  • Computers
  • Cooking and food preparation
  • NSPCC Talk Pants programme - we teach the children about their personal rights and safety
  • Oral health awareness
  • Mindfulness
  • Pets – the children help care for our goldfish and Guinea-pigs
  • Gardening – the children help grow and tend to our plants, flowers, fruits and vegetables, they learn about sustainability and how to create an eco garden

N.B: Some activities, only take place on specific days.

Family events throughout the year

  • Toddle for Banardo’s
  • Carol singing
  • Easter Bonnet Parade
  • Celebrate festivals and religious events of families that attend
  • Christmas Parties
  • Red Nose day activities
  • Parents ‘Stay and Play’ session
  • Regular walks / Outings within the local area, e.g. Public library, the beach, Boscombe gardens and water play park, Bournemouth gardens, The Train Station

Children are asked to arrive daily by 9.00 a.m. otherwise the activities of the other children are disrupted and the Staff are unable to greet children and parents adequately because they are involved in structured activities with the other children. Children should also be collected by a responsible adult before their session ends.

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