Daily routines

0-2 year olds

Daily routines are planned in advance to meet the needs of each individual child whilst providing a balanced and stimulating day and allowing time for sleep and relaxation. Meal times and nappy changing times provide ideal opportunities for interaction and for picking up the meaning of words and gestures.

Each child is encouraged to follow his or her interests without interruption at different points throughout the day, both indoors and outdoors. By providing regular outdoor play and outings children can explore a range of sensations, experiences and natural environments.

As children learn better by doing, and by doing things with other people who are more competent, rather than just by being told, we plan activities to meet the babies individual needs and interests, starting with what they can already do and building on this to extend it further, for example by supporting and encourage babies' trying to stand or walk, by planning and offering toys and equipment such as walkers, push-along’s and furniture for cruising.

We have a large range of board books, cloth books and stories that we share with the babies, and a wealth of songs and rhymes that we encourage the babies to join in by tapping and clapping along to simple rhythms, and key practitioners encourage babies playfulness, turn-taking and responses by including peek-a-boo and finger play, rhymes and familiar songs from home to support their enjoyment.

Practitioners talk about the things that babies notice when they are in different places such as the garden, the changing area or where they have meals to encourage communication skills and they give opportunities for babies to explore objects and materials such as treasure baskets which include objects with different textures, such as crinkly paper, or light, soft material, fir cones, shells, soft feathers, silk scarves, and they encourage babies to be creative and explore, by giving opportunities for messy play where babies can squeeze and feel different textures and make marks using paint, gloop (cornflour and water), dough and bubbles.

Over 2s

For this age group it's important that they begin to understand the sequence of events, for example, after play time they sit in the cosy corner for a story and singing or before lunch and tea they go to toilet and wash their hands.

The daily routine is displayed in a written format for parents and where possible in pictorial form for children to refer to and children are prepared for 'tidy up time' by use of a sand timer as this indicates how long is left for playing or finishing what they are doing before we pack away.

We have organised the routine so there is time and resources to give children age 2-4 ½ yrs opportunities to make independent choices, we offer a free flow system at certain times throughout the day where children can choose which room they would like to go in as well as which activities they would like to take part in.

The 'Big' playroom is open plan with bays for different activities and cupboards where children can choose activities themselves and staff are deployed around the room to assist or interact or lead as appropriate, and the adjoining craft room has a selection of activities on offer, such as sand, water, dough/messy activities, painting/mark making and cutting & sticking. This ensures the children have the opportunity to choose what they would like to make and/or do. Staff are deployed between the rooms and sit at the children's height, on chairs or on the floor so they can observe children's play, interact and help children be included, as well as listen to and engage with the children when appropriate.

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