Role of the key person

For babies and young children to be cared for and be special to a particular person (or persons) within the nursery is important for their physical, social and emotional health and well being.

The key person builds a good relationship and encourages the sharing of information between home and nursery. They are available to discuss the child's day with parents and give or receive any information that either party feels is of interest or relevance.

The key person welcomes children and families and shares information about the child’s day to reassure the parent and child, and acknowledge the feelings of separation and reunion. They also organise activities with their group of children and try where possible for them to enjoy meals and sleep times together.

The key person will monitor the child’s development and support them in their learning in partnership with parents. The key person also acknowledges and respects any religious beliefs, special dietary requirements and general family information and incorporating these into planning.

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