Kinderworld philosophy

We aim to give your child the opportunity to develop and learn through free play and structured learning activities. Experience in a wide variety of play and learning activities helps to develop the use of language and expression; the understanding of concepts; imagination and creativity; social awareness, including multicultural awareness; co operation and self control.

Children need to make sense of the world through curiosity and discovery, involvement, and guided activities set at the right level for their age and capabilities. Their social and emotional needs must be met also and this is considered to be of paramount importance in small children. A happy, loving atmosphere with plenty of cuddles allows a child to develop his/her true potential.

Each child is treated as an individual because staff are given responsibility for small groups. Children like to feel that they have one or perhaps two "special" key-people who know them and understand them and can comfort them when they need it. To achieve our high standards of child care, it is our general policy to appoint only professional Staff - qualified as Nursery Nurses, or training towards a qualification.

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